RNW Media Newsletter
Winter 2018/9

Feature story

Bringing enemies together in Mali

RNW Media’s Benbere platform broke new ground in peacekeeping efforts in Mali in December. At an offline conference hosted by Benbere, representatives from the communities involved in the conflict in central Mali met face-to-face for the first time. The event caught the eye of the international community and members of the Benbere team were invited to meet with both the EU delegation to Mali and the mediation team of the UN peacekeeping mission in the country.

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Feathers in our cap

Our Love Matters programme was very active on Valentine's Day 2019 with the launch of three new platforms in Nigeria, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The DRC platform, Amour Afrique, marks Love Matters’ debut in Francophone Africa. Meanwhile, Anglophone Love Matters Africa marked Valentine’s Day with the #NoGloveNoLove and #BelieveInLove Campaign launched together with Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health in Kenya. The campaign promoted safe sex and the importance of communication and consent in healthy sexual relationships.

The voices of young Yemenis were at the peace consultations in Sweden! Under the coordination of CFI media development and UNESCO we were at the United Nations peace consultation for Yemen in December in Stockholm. We worked with the young journalists covering the consultations, sharing with them the results of our survey on young people's aspirations for the peace process. Our ‘Yemen Youth Panel’ digital platform, locally called Manasati30, runs regular surveys of its young audience. The young people we surveyed believe in a negotiated peace and in their ability to engage in that process.

Also at the end of 2018, Justice4Her won two awards for the film, ‘Silence Hurts’, aimed at raising awareness of gender based violence. The film won best video of Shanghai PSA awarded by the Shanghai Advertisement Association and the Silver Prize for Best Video at the 8th STDecaux Public Service Awards of JCDecaux. The video, co-funded by the European Union, has been viewed more than 500,000 times, and its hashtag #Empowerwomen has reached over four million views on Chinese social media channels.

Our location

As members of Concordia, we attended the annual summit in New York in September 2018. We participated at a Women and Girls' Health Roundtable. In February, we were at the Concordia Africa Initiative meeting in London. This is a platform for cross-sector leaders to share strategies and priorities for economic growth and development. We presented at the roundtable, ‘Leveraging Technology’, covering technological innovation and web-based platforms for entrepreneurial growth. The London meeting aligned with our preparations for the launch of Masarat@, our latest Citizens’ Voice initiative. The new platform focuses on economic inclusion, offering young people a central online place for services, advice on entrepreneurship and financing, and lessons learnt and best practices from peers in relation to economic empowerment.

Keep watching our website for our upcoming activities at Women Deliver and RightsCon.

Barometer chat

More and more, we are seeing officials flex their authoritarian muscle by imposing barriers to digital communications. The Democratic Republic of Congo came back online after a three-week Government shutdown installed to prevent a ‘popular uprising’ in the wake of contested elections. We also saw our Love Matters China website deactivated in the middle of last year. We were able to relaunch it in early 2019.

Are you also seeing increasing restrictions on internet use in the settings where you work? How are you dealing with the challenge?

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