Capacity building is fully integrated in our programmes. As RNW Media (in Hilversum and at country level) we have strengthened our skills on for example project management, webpage development, data security and PMEL and have supported partner organisations (CSOs and NGOs) by building their capacity as well.

Strenghtening capacity global team

In many cases we use expert facilitators part of the RNTC network. In 2019 RNTC delivered trainings on topics from Data Journalism and Investigative Journalism to Vlogging for Social Change to our local programme teams. In addition to team-specific trainings we make sure that, as a learning organisation, teams have ample opportunity to exchange knowledge, experiences and best practices. In 2019 RNTC organised our Week of International Learning for mutual capacity building. Twenty-five colleagues came to The Netherlands for an intense week of knowledge sharing and skills building. They strengthened their capacity on programme topics, awareness-raising and on influencing opinion through campaigns and offline and online actions. Participants also exchanged lessons learnt and best practices from policy influencing activities and addressing risks and challenges of advocacy in restrictive settings. We heard stories of success around awareness raising among the general public and among politicians as well as about the challenges of ensuring commitments obtained for policy change do not turn into empty promises. In addition, there special sessions on moderation, content categorisation and content editing, as well as on using data and digital analytics and dashboards for build a body of evidence for advocacy.

Capacity building third parties

As well as building our own mutual capacity, colleagues also trained other parties in 2019. For instance, in strengthening the capacity of civil society for lobby and advocacy. Our local teams have trained allied NGOs, community based organisations (CBOs), young media-makers (bloggers, video-makers, journalists), student organisations, pro-bono legal networks, informal networks of young change-makers and marginalised groups to strengthen the knowledge and skills of other young people from diverse backgrounds to express themselves, find common ground, stand up for their rights and influence national agendas on (sensitive) development issues, such as peacebuilding, education, gender equality and employment.

In Egypt, for instance, the Love Matters Arabic team trained members of IFMSA, the International Federation of Medical Students Associations as well as Y-PEER, a youth peer education network of organisations and institutions, working in the field of sexual and reproductive health in 52 countries throughout the world on CSE and social media (Y-PEER), The Love Matters China team conducted two workshops during the 11th Annual Conference of China Sexology Association in Changsha, training college students for media skills to promote SRHR related information. In Yemen, our team trained 10 members of the social media team of partner organisations Yamaan foundation’s Shababline on technical aspects of social media, for instance how to use Facebook business and promote posts. Shababline, or Youthline in English, is a free number that young Yemenis can call for confidential, safe, non-judgmental and accurate information about SRHR. Another seven Yamaan staff members were trained by the Love Matters Arabic team on content creation for social media and another two were trained in digital security by the Citizens’ Voice Yemen team. Love Matters India organised a one-day workshop in partnership with UnGender on understanding the anti-sexual harassment at workplace laws, and how to address any relevant issues better. In Mali 15 young members of Doniblog, Mali’s blogger community, were trained in mobile video, while 15 women from local women's CSO’s were trained in digital communication. Representatives from the Habari RDC team took part as trainers in the training on ‘Digital Media Trends’ that was attended by 30 radio and television leaders who are partners in the Voice of America in the DRC and Congo Brazzaville in collaboration with RNTC. Justice4Her, together with partner Qianqian in China trained 42 lawyers, police officers, experts and scholars and in Syria, eight team members from Sanad were trained on project management.