RNTC Media Training

RNTC Media Training

RNTC provides training for media professionals from all over the world: from journalists and programme-makers to social activists and communication professionals from non-governmental organisations. In the past 50 years, RNTC has gained invaluable expertise in delivering courses around the world, and in the role media can play in society, especially in countries where media freedoms are restricted. RNTC conducts trainings in producing quality content and media campaigns for social change. Trainings build skills to combat misinformation and disinformation and to produce engaging, fact-based, non-biased and critical content that facilitates debate and serves the public interest.

Highlights of 2019

Tailor-made trainings

Tailor-made trainings were created for CEOs and media managers along with skills-based training for journalism students from the Erasmus Mundus Programme at the University of Amsterdam and journalists at the Women Deliver conference. Thanks to these courses, over 165 journalists honed their skills to create media for social change and 50 media company leaders learned how to digitalise their companies. RNTC also provided training to 60 journalists in Kenya on advocacy for gender equality as part of Women’s Deliver’s ‘Deliver for Good’ campaign.

Media for development

RNTC also offered specialised capacity building for NGOs and development professionals. As part of a new partnership with CARE Netherlands, RNW Media with its RNTC training programme joined the existing strategic partnership, ‘Every Voice Counts’, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands. In another partnership with CARE Netherlands, RNTC has built the capacity of country teams, local NGOs and media partners in Burundi, Sudan and Rwanda to create engaging campaigns that empower young men and women as role models and enables them to stand up for their rights. The campaigns call on the governments and other authorities to be accountable and support inclusive governance.

Countering extremism

In Erbil, Iraq, with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands and the European Union, RNTC built on an earlier collaboration with Spark! to counter violent extremism. RNTC supported Spark!’s local team to conduct focus group discussions with Kurdish youths and set up a survey about the needs of young people around polarisation in politics that leads to radicalisation. RNTC also provided a 10-day training to 17 youth activists in Erbil to develop behaviour change campaigns and strategic communication campaigns.

Trainings for CSOs and youth activists

In August RNTC launched a programme with TechSoup (programme leader), providing training to civil society organisations in 15 countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). For that purpose, RNTC developed a toolkit that included such topics as digital safety and security, media literacy and developing counter-narratives to fight shrinking civic space. In total there were 20 trainings with 200 participants trained. Also, with TechSoup and their partners in France, Greece and Poland, RNTC developed a curriculum and training materials to empower youth activists working to counter radicalisation. The ‘Game Changer’ trainings, funded by the EU Internal Security Fund, trained 24 young campaigners with the tools they need to run successful campaigns.