Love Matters Naija

Love Matters Naija was launched in June 2018 targeting young Nigerians via Facebook. The Facebook page took off rapidly, building a highly engaged community of 500,000 followers in less than 18 months. To enable the team to serve their audience more effectively, a dedicated website will be launched in the first quarter of 2020.

Love Matters Naija established itself as a strong presence in 2019. Platform moderators Victor Ogbodo and Nelly Kalu featured on one of Nigeria’s up and coming media houses, News Central TV, discussing gender-based violence. The team also took part in the National Conference on Inclusivity, Equality and Diversity at the University of Lagos. Love Matters Naija launched a series of vox-pop videos on YouTube as well as channels on Instagram and Twitter, and a direct call line and WhatsApp messaging, to collect the opinions of young Nigerians on SRHR related topics and link them to near-by service providers.

Highlights of 2019


One year after the Love Matters Naija platform was established, a baseline research was done in 2019 to provide a snapshot of the platform’s current audience and their knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to SRHR topics.

70% of respondents indicated that reading and engaging with Love Matters Naija had influenced their perspective or opinion on SRHR issues. Users reported changes in knowledge (33%) and attitude (32%), as well as sexual practices. In 23% of the responses, respondents indicated a change in their behaviour ranging from improving their sex life to leaving an abusive relationship.

Advocacy for LGBT people

The Love Matters Naija team met with the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Housing in Abuja, Nigeria in 2019. The team presented its online findings and stories on the discriminatory living conditions that affect young LGBT communities in Nigeria. The UN Special Rapporteur included these findings within her overall report to the United Nations and presented recommendations specifically on LGBT access to housing to the Nigerian government as part of her findings. This demonstrated the effectiveness of grassroots, unfiltered evidence from young people on issues that directly affect them.

Love Matters Naija in 2019

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