Love Matters India

When Love Matters India launched in 2011, it was the first project in the country to use the internet to bring young people information on ‘love, sex, relationships and everything in between’. Nine years later, Love Matters India is available in both English and Hindi and is established as a major SRHR player. At the end of 2019 Love Matters India was the second platform to become independent under the new social franchise model.

Highlights of 2019

Abortion and reproductive rights fest

Love Matters India, in collaboration with local youth-led NGO Haiyya, organised a large-scale event to mark World Safe Abortion Day in 2019. The Abortion and Reproductive Rights Fest sought to welcome all, including the most vulnerable and marginalised and engage them in a conversation about abortion with diverse stakeholders. The range of activities– storytelling, doctor consultations, performance art, sharing of important resources on abortion rights– meant the fest had something to offer everyone while changing attitudes. In their feedback, participants reported that they had gained new insights into abortion as an SRHR issue.

Power of TikTok

Love Matters India partnered with Population Foundation India for an awareness campaign via the short video platform TikTok which is hugely popular in India. Called #CoolNotFool, the campaign reached over 280 million users in India with 25 short videos in Hindi and Hinglish.

In the video Bollywood-style formats and songs were used to talk about condoms, contraceptives, consent, healthy relationships and family planning. Users responded enthusiastically, sharing videos they’d made themselves using the same dialogue.

Conqueer event

Another successful event, organised together with the Keshav Suri Foundation, brought together diverse stakeholders, including members of the LGBTQ community, from different fields (education, health, media, law and policy) to collectively assess the problems India’s LGBTQ community experiences.

They also discussed how to increase representation from the LGBTQ community to make spaces more equitable and fairer since the Indian law penalising same sex relations became unconstitutional in 2018. The event was well attended by the media and resulted in some concrete recommendations and suggestions by stakeholders from within the different fields.

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