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There is a massive demand for reliable, evidence– and rights-based and sex-friendly information in China. Love Matters China was established to meet this need – and to reach the 78% of young people in the country who use the internet as their primary source of information on SRHR.

The young China-based team work in sometimes difficult circumstances to enable young people in China to understand and claim their SRHR. The sexual health resource developed by the project team, including 8 chapters and over 100.000 words, is the most comprehensive online database on SRHR in China.

Highlights of 2019

Same-sex marriage

A Love Matters China post on legalising same-sex marriage in Taiwan became a meme on Weibo reaching nearly 40 million views with 59,540 reposts, 44,460 comments and 183,151 likes. Yonghao Luo, CEO of Smartisan, one of China’s leading technical and digital companies, shared the post with his more than 16.2 million followers. Sentiment analysis on replies to the post showed that most users felt happy about legalising same-sex marriage and want to see more understanding and equality for same- sex couples.

Big data report

In 2019, Love Matters China conducted national research together with the China Family Planning Association and Tsinghua University. The research included a needs and engagement analysis that involved scanning two popular Chinese social media platforms, Baidu and Zhihu, using a social listening methodology and technique. It was China’s first big data research in the field of SRHR and also involved legal research analysing SRHR related civil and criminal cases in the past five years.

The project generated insights on information needs and online behaviors and how the Chinese legal and political systems respond to SRHR related crimes. Love Matters China shared the research findings with over 200 governmental officials, NGO professionals and experts via the 6th Bi-Annual Sex and Reproductive Health Forum of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao and the Annual Conference on School Sex Education organised by the China Sexology Association.

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“As my mentor as well as a friend, Love Matters made me realise I could enjoy my sex life as I want.”

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