2020 marks the final year of the Next Generation Programme. Our focus for this last year is to build on the successes of the programme, maximise our impact, and make sure civil society actors operating in restrictive settings can replicate them.

Sustainability and fundraising

In 2020, we will invest heavily in sustainability. More detail about that can be found in the section about sustainability. We will invest in global, multi country fundraising. We are submitting proposals to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands, as well as other donors such as the EU, Global Affairs Canada, USAID, SIDA, DFID and others. We designed the proposals to support the work of both our Citizens’ Voice and SRHR programmes and to incorporate RNTC’s expertise. We are also supporting the Love Matters Global Network to bring in revenue through membership and service fees. In addition, we are approaching institutional funders and foundations new to RNW Media to diversify our funding base..

Maximise thematic programmes

In line with the results of the Midterm Review we will maximise the relevance, effectiveness and impact of our thematic programmes. Employing one of RNW Media’s key strengths—the ability to reach and engage young people at scale—we will work with more segmented audiences and accordingly tailored content in order to extend our reach to more marginalised and vulnerable young people in the countries where we work.

Cross-cutting framework

As part of that, we will focus on implementing a cross-cutting framework for inclusion, including a gender inclusion strategy. We will also invest more in contributing to creating an enabling environment for young people to claim their rights. Furthermore, we will ensure that our work on advocacy at national, regional and international levels to maximise our impact. As part of this we will explore how to make more use of inclusive data practices to ensure that we are working with young people to gather and disseminate evidence on their needs. .

Review of strategy

At the same time, we will review our strategy for business development to further strengthen it, invest in new business models and work with donors for our new Economic Inclusion programme.

Bigger role RNTC

Lastly, RNTC will have a major role in maximising our impact, as a business unit generating income and by providing the foundation for our developing role as a learning organisation, from capturing and documenting our methods and approaches to translating knowledge for greater applicability and replication.