Masaraat, meaning ‘Pathway’, was launched in April 2019. Based in Egypt, the platform provides young people with online career counselling via a discussion board, and moderated discussions around employment, study, work-life balance, and entrepreneurship.

Through engaging with the platform, young people can learn what they are good at, what their passions are and how can they channel those passions into career prospects. Masaraat also offers practical guidance to young people entering the workforce.

While Masaraat is currently still part of the Citizens’ Voice programme, in 2020 RNW Media will create a third programme on the needs of young people linked to economic inclusion, based upon the pilot in Egypt and experiences in other countries.

Highlights of 2019


The launch of Masaraat followed extensive work by the local team, supported by RNW Media staff in Hilversum. Inception research identifying the needs of young people resulted in four main categories on the platform: Choosing a career; Getting a job; Skills, and learning; and Work environment. The platform was launched at an event at the GrEEK Campus tech centre in Cairo with 60 attendees including development experts in the economic inclusion field, media representatives, contributors, and influencers.

From the inbox

The platform started a series called ‘From the inbox’ to answer questions audience raises on the website discussion board and on social media. The series started with how to deal with harassment at work, introducing practical tips to address harassment. The social media engagement on the article was very high and presented multiple points of views and attitudes towards the issue. Some people supported the position of women and said harassers should be punished, while others blame women for their clothing or even being at work. These insights help the team to create user-driven content to challenge norms in Egypt.

GBV in the workplace

In collaboration with Plan International Egypt, Love Matters Arabic, and the Center for Development Services, Masaraat implemented a campaign around harassment in the workplace which aimed to create more understanding and support for those who report incidents publicly. The campaign asked celebrities and decision-makers to participate and received messages of support from a well-known actress, a member of Parliament, and a sports champion provided support messages.

Masaraat in 2019

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