Justice4Her works to strengthen the rule of law to reduce Gender-Based Violence (GBV) against Chinese women migrant workers. Diverse online channels and offline activities aim to raise awareness of the issues, inform this target group of their rights, amplify their voices and support their access to justice.

In 2019, and with special support from the PepsiCo Foundation Justice4Her started implementing activities to develop the life (including digital) skills of young Chinese women. This area of work is being rolled out in collaboration with the International Youth Foundation (China). In 2019, 18 GBV cases were taken to court and 1,400 consultations given via the growing pro-bono legal services network.

Highlights of 2019

Gender-Based Violence

In 2019 the Justice4Her and Love Matters China teams worked together with UNWOMEN China on a social media campaign around the official UN theme #OrangeTheWorld of the 16 days Campaign against Gender-Based Violence. A group of UN agencies, embassies, key opinion leaders and celebrities participated in the campaign, including UNFPA, UNESCO, ILO, American and the Dutch Embassy.

Report on GBV migrant women

Research on GBV among female migrant workers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen was conducted in 2018 together with Beijing Normal University. The report was published in 2019 and attracted coverage from more than 10 major media outlets in China. A state-owned journal, ‘Reference on the Rule of Law’, also covered the report. This journal is a legal reference for the Communist Party and government leaders so policy-makers will now have access to the data and conclusions from Justice4Her’s research.

China-Europe Dialogue

The ‘China-Europe Dialogue on Rule of Law and Gender-Based Violence’ was implemented in November 2019. Ten Chinese pro bono lawyers, national and local congress representatives and experts visited a group of Dutch and European organisations, including the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice, the Dutch Human Rights Ambassador, the Dutch Council for Legal Aid, the EU Parliament and Human Rights Commission as well as relevant NGOs and support organisations such as the Dutch Police in The Hague.

The one-week programme aimed to facilitate knowledge and experience learning and exchange between Chinese change-makers and their European peers. All 10 Chinese participants reported afterwards that they had increased knowledge which would be integrated into their future work.

“The visit of the Chinese delegation to the Dutch police was enriching and very special. The delegation asked a lot of questions and was very interested in the work of the police. They had a special angle, so we had to change our assumptions. Interesting, different and challenging.”

Quote from the Dutch Police Bureau in The Hague

Justice4Her in 2019

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“Through your platform I started to pay attention to domestic violence issues and I started to realise that the whole Chinese society is tolerant to domestic violence, people around me usually treat it as a family issue. I would like to contribute to changing the stereotypes.”

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