Amour Afrique

The DRC-based, French language Love Matters platform Amour Afrique was launched in February 2019.

To ensure the platform would attract and engage young Congolese, RNW Media, together with local consultants and members of its existing local team for the Habari RDC platform, carried out intensive research including focus group discussions with young Congolese to better understand their needs, knowledge, attitudes and behaviour around SRHR issues.

Highlights of 2019


In 2019 the team focused on strengthening the capacities of staff members and bloggers by organising a series of training workshops on SRHR and editorial writing in Kinshasa and Goma. These trainings improved the quality of the content, increasing followers’ engagement.

Gender-based violence

Together with the Citizens’ Voice team in RDC, Amour Afrique organised a series of events called “Face aux Jeunes” in 4 regions to contribute to the fight against the sexual harassment of women and girls in the workplace. The events provided a space where young women could safely share their experiences with each other as well as with human rights defenders. Participants were informed about relevant legislation and encouraged to report all forms of violence and harassment that they may face.

Sensitisation on family planning

Offline, Amour Afrique worked in Goma to raise the awareness of women in the military on family planning and the risks they run by giving birth to several children. At the end of the workshop, many participants said they had decided to use a condom when having sex.

Amour Afrique in 2019

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